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Social Media Faux Pas and Tips

Accidentally hitting ‘like’ on a person’s 7-year-old post or picture. Oops.

Now they know you’re a stalker! Not to worry – we’ve all been there and they won’t think anything of it. Social media is there to scroll through so if you’ve been snooping and have tapped the like button accidentally then that is perfectly fine, as long as it isn’t an ex-partner…

Getting caught out.

Not everyone does this and if you do, then get ready for stress! You’ve made plans to meet up for dinner with your friend who is also your friend on social media, however someone has just invited you to a better dinner outing which you’d prefer to go to. So you tell your friend that your child is sick and that you’ll have to reschedule the dinner (so that you can go and have a blast at the other outing.) Next thing you know, someone has tagged you in a post which informs everyone that you are out having the best time, scoffing Chicken Chow Mein and guzzling wine like a mad-man. The friend you were originally supposed to go out to dinner with is scrolling through Facebook and is probably looking a little something like this:

Your friend is feeing hurt and you’re left feeling guilty. If this happens to you, then you’re better off just coming clean and apologising. To avoid this, either invite the friend along to the more appealing outing or keep your original plans. Or you could deactivate your Facebook account – although that is a bit extreme for a Chicken Chow Mein.


This is my pet hate. Vaguebooking is a great term for a bad habit. Posting vague updates on social media is the most annoying way to peak curiosity. I want to know what was so shocking (other than the grammar).

Tears of laughter or just tears?

This is a laughing face.

This is a crying face.

Admittedly I find the below examples hilarious examples of how this confusion could land people into trouble.